Residential Complex
on Kibalchycha Street
Сompleted work:


Technical and economic indicators:

Type of construction: New building

Building area: 2948.6 m2

Number of storeys: 26

Total number of apartments in the building: 670

Residential building area: 48793.79 m2

The area of apartments in the building: 32064.2 m2

Summer quarters area: 1302.25 m2

Total area of apartments in the building: 33366.45 m2

Total area of in-built non-residential premises: 1453.04 m2

Pram storage room area: 472.6 m2

Parking area: 3700 m2

Parking slots: 384

Duration of construction: 42 months


Mykoly Kibalchycha Street, 2


Kibalchycha Residential Complex is located in the Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv. The complex has a great recreational potential due to Raduzhne Lake and its beaches. There are trading-entertaining complexes and cinemas nearby. The complex has a kindergarten for 40 children.