What we do
We create projects of various complexity and functional purpose at the stages from an idea to its implementation. Attention to detail, an integrated approach, support at all stages and individual solutions are what distinguishes us from others.
Development of the project concept
We collect data on the land plot, analyze the architectural and regulatory limitations. We find out architectural, constructive and engineering requirements for the object. Taking into account all information received, we develop the concept of the project identifying if the land plot corresponds the client's needs.
Preliminary design
We design a sketch project, carefully working out the image of the future object. At this stage, it is possible to clearly visualize the appearance of the building, planning, obtaining approximate technical and economic indicators.
Design of external engineering networks
Our engineers are developing the projects in detail, from the water supply and sewerage systems, to the drainage, gas supply, electricity supply and heat supply systems.
Working documentation
We provide the client with a complete package of working documentation, ensure the implementation of technical solutions of the construction site which are specified and approved in the project documentation. This is necessary for the construction and assembly works, and to provide the construction site with the equipment, products, materials and manufacture of the construction products.
Design stage
At the design stage, we carefully design a building model, offering innovative architectural, structural, and engineering solutions. All sections of the project are reviewed and coordinated by all urban services.
Design of internal engineering networks
We develop all types of engineering systems, namely, HVAC, water supply and drainage systems, sewerage systems, power supply systems, lightning protection, and lighting. We execute the energy passport according to all regulatory requirements.